Recycling Rows for High Performance React Native List Views

Tal Kol  |  June 30th 2016  |  React Native
Recycling previously allocated rows that went off-screen is a very popular optimization technique for list views implemented natively in iOS and Android. The default ListView implementation of React Native avoids …

Scaling to 100M: MySQL is a Better NoSQL

Yoav Abrahami  |  December 10th 2015  |  MySQL
MySQL is a better NoSQL. When considering a NoSQL use case, such as key/value storage, MySQL makes more sense in terms of performance, ease of use, and stability. MySQL is …

Developing Large-Scale Applications with TypeScript

Gil Amran  |  September 30th 2015  |  JavaScript
As a front-end developer, you’ve probably heard about TypeScript. Maybe you even tried using it. But not many developers know what it is like to build a large-scale project from …

ESLint Plugins: Plug into a Better Coding Culture

Omer Ganim  |  September 24th 2015  |  JavaScript
When writing code, it’s a good idea to use a code linting tool for several reasons: it identifies possible errors, enforces a clear coding style, and prevents engineers from using …

Refactoring with Kleisli Composition

Michael Dagaev  |  September 1st 2015  |  Scala
For quite awhile we have been maintaining an application that processes XML and JSON data. Usually the maintenance consists of fixing defects and adding minor features, but sometimes it requires …

Two Services and One Angular Factory – Case Study

Dvir Cooper  |  August 18th 2015  |  JavaScript
Running code in a client-side environment is tricky. Some APIs are available at runtime, but other APIs are not supported. Whether APIs are available depends on the browser, but also …

The Microservices and DevOps Journey at Wix

Jonathan Israel  |  July 22nd 2015  |  Architecture
We at started our journey on DevOps and Microservices about two years ago and recently switched from a monolithic application to a microservices-based application. Yes, it took us a full two years to complete …

Build Your Own Chrome Extension

Amit Shvil  |  July 19th 2015  |  JavaScript
Build Your Own Chrome Extension The Services Team at Wix uses JIRA as our Scrum board, which is displayed on a big TV in our team’s room. We love JIRA …

Building a Scalable and Resilient Architecture

Aviran Mordo  |  July 14th 2015  |  Architecture
By Aviran Mordo Like many startups before us, started as a monolith application, which was the best architectural solution when we had no scalability and availability concerns. But as …

A Tale of Two XML Transformations

Michael Dagaev  |  June 28th 2015  |  Scala
A few months ago we noticed unusually high CPU usage in one of our services. At first we didn’t take it seriously, but when we got a critical alert about …

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