How to turn any api to a fluent API with extension methods in C#

Alex Reznick | November 22nd 2012 | Uncategorized

Let’s say you have a class A, which exposes an old fashion, not fluent api

public class A
    public A() {;// Code here}
    public void Add(Obj key, obj value) {;//code}
    public void DoSomething() {; //code}

In languages like Java, you would be stack with using this class in the old, and a very verbose way:

A a = new A();

a.Add("a", "b");
a.Add("c", "d");
a.Add("e", "f");
a.Add("g", "h");


Another option would be implementing a Builder class that would provide the fluent API for you.
But with C# you can easily do it with just one extension method:

public static class AFluent
    public static With(this A a, object key, object value)
        return a;

So the cumbersome code from before looks like:

new A()
    .With("a", "b")
    .With("c", "d")
    .With("e", "f")
    .With("g", "h")

That’s it.

By Alex Reznick

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