Rekuire | a module for NodeJS | March 7th 2013 | JavaScript

Just wanted to share a nice piece of code I created..

During my recent experience with NodeJs, there was one thing that bugged me the most – in Node, to include another module into the scope, you use ‘require()‘ to import the other module.

The thing is, that if it is not a third party module, you have to specify the full path in your project (absolute or relative) in order to do so. it usually looks something like this:


Not only it is ugly, it is terribly hard to refactore the code afterwards (IntelliJ’s refactoring fails to do it).


So, I created this module called rekuire.

rekuire scans the project paths upon first execution, so all you need to specify, is the file name!
no paths! (it saves a bunchload of time)


In order install, using npm, type “npm install rekuire“!

And don’t forget, you are more then welcome to check it out and contribute to it on github. 🙂


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