Testing Asynchronous Code

Dmitry Komanov | October 7th 2015 | Java
Asynchronous code is hard. Everyone knows that. Writing asynchronous tests is even harder. Recently...

Refactoring with Kleisli Composition

Michael Dagaev | September 1st 2015 | Java
For quite awhile we have been maintaining an application that processes XML and JSON...

A Tale of Two XML Transformations

Michael Dagaev | June 28th 2015 | Java
A few months ago we noticed unusually high CPU usage in one of our...

Color Your Logs and Stack Traces

Laurent Gaertner | May 21st 2015 | Java
At Wix we produce gigabytes of logs for different applications every day. Logs are...

How Does HikariCP Compare to Other Connection Pools ?

Laurent Gaertner | April 28th 2015 | Java
This blog post is a follow up to “How Many Threads Does It Take...

End-to-End TDDing an iOS Application

Shai Yallin | November 20th 2014 | Java
Recently we prototyped the development of a native OS application that needed to talk to...

Explicit Implicit Conversion

Noam Almog | July 5th 2014 | Java
One of the most common pattern we use on our day to day is...

Using Specs² macro matchers for fun and profit

Shai Yallin | December 27th 2013 | Java
At Wix, we make extensive use of the Specs² testing framework. It has become...

Introducing Accord: a sane validation library for Scala

Tomer Gabel | December 13th 2013 | Java
Accord is an open-source (Apache-licensed) Scala validation library developed at Wix. It’s hosted on...

Lifecycle – Dependency Management Algorithm (Part 2 of the Lifecycle Series)

Ory Henn | September 1st 2013 | Java
Hello, hello, what’s this all about? In the previous post in the series I...

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