Scalapeño – The Israeli International Scala Conference

Shai Yallin | June 30th 2013 | Java
In slightly more than 2 weeks, Tomer Gabel – with whom I have founded Underscore, the...

When Maven Dependency Plugin Lies | April 25th 2013 | Java
Problem: We had an integration test which creates a spring ClassPathXmlApplicationContext and while doing...

Why calling Source.mkString() is a very bad idea

Shai Yallin | April 11th 2013 | Java
So we have some Scala code that consumes text from an InputStream from an...

Announcing underscore, the Israeli Scala user group

Shai Yallin | March 13th 2013 | Java
We’re proud to announce underscore, the Israeli Scala user group, with a group...

Scala Extension methods via implicit classes

Kfir Bloch | February 26th 2013 | Java
In this post i will demonstrate a nice trick to add “extension methods” for...

Introduction to Slick: Plain SQL Usage

Kfir Bloch | February 24th 2013 | Java
In this post I will cover usage of the Slick library, which provides a Scala-centric...

On Identifier types, type-safety and Guids

Shai Yallin | December 24th 2012 | Java
How many times did you find yourself looking at an API which accepts some...

Death by Redirect

Yoav Abrahami | December 9th 2012 | Java
It is said that the greatest harm can come from the best intentions. We...

EmbeddedJettyProbe – a simple tool for checking your HTTP requests | November 19th 2012 | Java
Hi all, EmbeddedJettyProbe is a small tool for examining the contents of  HttpRequests that arrive...

Jetty, Spring, C3P0, NewRelic, Jackson and Java Annotations Deadlock

Yoav Abrahami | November 12th 2012 | Java
Yes, we have just found a deadlock on our servers. The type that causes...

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