HttpComponents and cookies or: How to screw up your RPC framework

Alex Reznick | October 7th 2012 | Java
Here at Wix, we do a lot of server-to-server communication. Most likely any given...

How to pass an interview at Wix

Alex Reznick | October 7th 2012 | Java
During the last couple of months I’ve interviewed a quite a few people for...

Using Scala Pattern Matching for a URL dispatching mechanism

Shai Yallin | July 25th 2012 | Java
At, we deal quite a lot with URL dispatching, being a company that...

The Lambda Experiment

Yoav Abrahami | July 3rd 2012 | Java
I’ve recently started coding in Scala (recently being over a year ago). While I...

‘Leap Second’ Bug Fixed

Aviran Mordo | July 1st 2012 | Java
On Saturday, at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, as June turned into July, the Earth’s...

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