Developing Large-Scale Applications with TypeScript

Gil Amran | September 30th 2015 | JavaScript
As a front-end developer, you’ve probably heard about TypeScript. Maybe you even tried using...

ESLint Plugins: Plug into a Better Coding Culture

Omer Ganim | September 24th 2015 | JavaScript
When writing code, it’s a good idea to use a code linting tool for...

Two Services and One Angular Factory – Case Study

Dvir Cooper | August 18th 2015 | JavaScript
Running code in a client-side environment is tricky. Some APIs are available at runtime,...

Build Your Own Chrome Extension

Amit Shvil | July 19th 2015 | JavaScript
Build Your Own Chrome Extension The Services Team at Wix uses JIRA as our...

Wix guest appearance on JavaScript Jabber

Tom Raviv | May 10th 2015 | JavaScript
Last week our very own Amit Kaufman (Editor Manager) and Avi Marcus (Editor Client Architect)...

Fluent JavaScript

Nikas Praninskas | April 30th 2015 | JavaScript
It is not enough for code to simply work. Good code is meant to...

JavaScript: The Extra Good Parts

Dan Shappir | April 21st 2015 | JavaScript
Douglas Crockford has had a huge influence over a generation of JavaScript developers with...

Integration Tests in JavaScript That Don’t Suck

Sergey Bolshchikov | December 8th 2014 | JavaScript
Most developers don’t like writing integration tests. But what’s not to like? Integration tests...

EasyPattern | Human readable RegEx | May 13th 2013 | JavaScript
Checkout EasyPattern for Javascript and NodeJs! During some work on our internal tool, I...

Rekuire | a module for NodeJS | March 7th 2013 | JavaScript
Just wanted to share a nice piece of code I created.. During my recent...

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