A Tale of Two XML Transformations

Michael Dagaev  |  June 28th 2015  |  Scala
A few months ago we noticed unusually high CPU usage in one of our services. At first we didn’t take it seriously, but when we got a critical alert about …

Color Your Logs and Stack Traces

Laurent Gaertner  |  May 21st 2015  |  Java
At Wix we produce gigabytes of logs for different applications every day. Logs are not the only way we monitor our systems, but they play an important role, both for troubleshooting …

Wix guest appearance on JavaScript Jabber

Tom Raviv  |  May 10th 2015  |  JavaScript
Last week our very own Amit Kaufman (Editor Manager) and Avi Marcus (Editor Client Architect) appeared for a guest appearance on the JavaScript-Jabber podcast where they talked about our recent transition to …

Fluent JavaScript

Nikas Praninskas  |  April 30th 2015  |  JavaScript
It is not enough for code to simply work. Good code is meant to be easy to understand, and it is much easier to understand code that is readable. Comments …

How Does HikariCP Compare to Other Connection Pools ?

Laurent Gaertner  |  April 28th 2015  |  Java
This blog post is a follow up to “How Many Threads Does It Take to Fill a Pool?”, written by Yoav Abrahami in June 2013. In Yoav’s post, he compared …

JavaScript: The Extra Good Parts

Dan Shappir  |  April 21st 2015  |  JavaScript
Douglas Crockford has had a huge influence over a generation of JavaScript developers with his book JavaScript: The Good Parts. Thanks to his book, which teaches the good parts of …

Scaling to 100M: Service-Level Driven Architecture

Yoav Abrahami  |  April 18th 2015  |  Uncategorized
This blog post is part 3 in the “Scaling Wix to over 100M Users” series. Read the previous posts here and here. Wix started with one server that supported all …

Scaling to 100M: To Cache or Not to Cache?

Yoav Abrahami  |  March 18th 2015  |  MySQL
This blog post is part 2 in the “Scaling Wix to over 100M Users” series. Read part 1 here. When Wix started, we used the Tomcat, Hibernate, and Ehcache stack …

Scaling Wix to over 100M Users: The Beginning

Yoav Abrahami  |  February 25th 2015  |  Scaling Wix to over 100M users
When I prepared the first presentation to tell the Wix scaling story, we had just over 10,000,000 (10M) registered Wix users. By the time I presented, we had over 12M. …

Building and Open-Sourcing Wix’s A/B Testing System

Talya Gendler  |  January 26th 2015  |  TDD
Have you ever worked using Continuous Delivery (CD)? You know, that process where you push the code, run it through an automatic build process, and just deploy the changes to …

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