Building and Open-Sourcing Wix’s A/B Testing System

Talya Gendler  |  January 26th 2015  |  TDD
Have you ever worked using Continuous Delivery (CD)? You know, that process where you push the code, run it through an automatic build process, and just deploy the changes to …

Integration Tests in JavaScript That Don’t Suck

Sergey Bolshchikov  |  December 8th 2014  |  JavaScript
Most developers don’t like writing integration tests. But what’s not to like? Integration tests ensure that a newly added feature provides the correct interaction—as it was defined in the first …

End-to-End TDDing an iOS Application

Shai Yallin  |  November 20th 2014  |  iOS
Recently we prototyped the development of a native OS application that needed to talk to multiple backend services. Although the project never took off, we tackled lot of the problems that …

Explicit Implicit Conversion

Noam Almog  |  July 5th 2014  |  Scala
One of the most common pattern we use on our day to day is converting objects from one type of object to another. The reasons for that are varied; one reason …

Continuous Delivery – Feature Toggles

Aviran Mordo  |  April 19th 2014  |  Web Development
One of the key elements in Continuous Delivery is the fact that you stop working with feature branches in your VCS repository; everybody works on the MASTER branch. During our …

Using Specs² macro matchers for fun and profit

Shai Yallin  |  December 27th 2013  |  Scala
At Wix, we make extensive use of the Specs² testing framework. It has become the standard tool for writing software specifications in our backend group, replacing JUnit, Hamcrest and ScalaTest. …

Introducing Accord: a sane validation library for Scala

Tomer Gabel  |  December 13th 2013  |  Scala
Accord is an open-source (Apache-licensed) Scala validation library developed at Wix. It’s hosted on GitHub and you’re welcome to fork and dig into it; let us know what you think! …

Continuous Delivery – Production Visibility

Aviran Mordo  |  November 3rd 2013  |  Web Development
A key point for a successful continuous delivery is to make the production matrix available to the developers. At the heart of continuous delivery methodology is to empower the developer …

The road to continuous delivery

Aviran Mordo  |  October 2nd 2013  |  Tips and Tricks
The following series of posts are coming from my experience as the head of back-end engineering at I will try to tell the story of Wix and how we …

Lifecycle – Dependency Management Algorithm (Part 2 of the Lifecycle Series)

Ory Henn  |  September 1st 2013  |  Java
Hello, hello, what’s this all about? In the previous post in the series I introduced Lifecycle – Wix’ integrated CI/CD action center. In this post I’d like to share a …

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