Integration Tests in JavaScript That Don’t Suck

Sergey Bolshchikov  |  December 8th 2014  |  JavaScript
Most developers don’t like writing integration tests. But what’s not to like? Integration tests ensure that a newly added feature provides the correct interaction—as it was defined in the first …

End-to-End TDDing an iOS Application

Shai Yallin  |  November 20th 2014  |  iOS
Recently we prototyped the development of a native OS application that needed to talk to multiple backend services. Although the project never took off, we tackled lot of the problems that …

Explicit Implicit Conversion

Noam Almog  |  July 5th 2014  |  Scala
One of the most common pattern we use on our day to day is converting objects from one type of object to another. The reasons for that are varied; one reason …

Continuous Delivery – Feature Toggles

Aviran Mordo  |  April 19th 2014  |  Web Development
One of the key elements in Continuous Delivery is the fact that you stop working with feature branches in your VCS repository; everybody works on the MASTER branch. During our …

Using Specs² macro matchers for fun and profit

Shai Yallin  |  December 27th 2013  |  Scala
At Wix, we make extensive use of the Specs² testing framework. It has become the standard tool for writing software specifications in our backend group, replacing JUnit, Hamcrest and ScalaTest. …

Introducing Accord: a sane validation library for Scala

Tomer Gabel  |  December 13th 2013  |  Scala
Accord is an open-source (Apache-licensed) Scala validation library developed at Wix. It’s hosted on GitHub and you’re welcome to fork and dig into it; let us know what you think! …

Continuous Delivery – Production Visibility

Aviran Mordo  |  November 3rd 2013  |  Web Development
A key point for a successful continuous delivery is to make the production matrix available to the developers. At the heart of continuous delivery methodology is to empower the developer …

The road to continuous delivery

Aviran Mordo  |  October 2nd 2013  |  Tips and Tricks
The following series of posts are coming from my experience as the head of back-end engineering at I will try to tell the story of Wix and how we …

Lifecycle – Dependency Management Algorithm (Part 2 of the Lifecycle Series)

Ory Henn  |  September 1st 2013  |  Java
Hello, hello, what’s this all about? In the previous post in the series I introduced Lifecycle – Wix’ integrated CI/CD action center. In this post I’d like to share a …

Scalapeño – The Israeli International Scala Conference

Shai Yallin  |  June 30th 2013  |  Scala
In slightly more than 2 weeks, Tomer Gabel – with whom I have founded Underscore, the Israeli Scala user group – and myself are hosting Scalapeño, the first Israeli Scala conference. Working to promote the …

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