Introduction to Slick: Plain SQL Usage

Kfir Bloch  |  February 24th 2013  |  Scala
In this post I will cover usage of the Slick library, which provides a Scala-centric API over JDBC. Slick offers 3 flavors for querying the DB; I will focus on the plain SQL flavor. …

On Identifier types, type-safety and Guids

Shai Yallin  |  December 24th 2012  |  Scala
How many times did you find yourself looking at an API which accepts some sort of string or int-based identifier and not being sure what the identifier should represent? This …

Death by Redirect

Yoav Abrahami  |  December 9th 2012  |  Java
It is said that the greatest harm can come from the best intentions. We recently had a case where, because of the best intentions, two @#@&*@!!^@ parties killed our servers …

How to turn any api to a fluent API with extension methods in C#

Alex Reznick  |  November 22nd 2012  |  Uncategorized
Let’s say you have a class A, which exposes an old fashion, not fluent api In languages like Java, you would be stack with using this class in the old, …

EmbeddedJettyProbe – a simple tool for checking your HTTP requests  |  November 19th 2012  |  Java
Hi all, EmbeddedJettyProbe is a small tool for examining the contents of  HttpRequests that arrive at an embedded Jetty instance. This is useful for tests that need to validate the behavior …

Wix Hachathon

Yoav Abrahami  |  November 15th 2012  |  Uncategorized
Can we call the first Wix Hackathon a success? Based on how the participants seemed to enjoy themselves and the number of completed applications, I think we can. 17 teams …

Jetty, Spring, C3P0, NewRelic, Jackson and Java Annotations Deadlock

Yoav Abrahami  |  November 12th 2012  |  Java
Yes, we have just found a deadlock on our servers. The type that causes all the threads to lock and gets the whole server stuck. And amazingly, there is no-one …

HttpComponents and cookies or: How to screw up your RPC framework

Alex Reznick  |  October 7th 2012  |  Java
Here at Wix, we do a lot of server-to-server communication. Most likely any given request that you’ll send to Wix will hit at least 2 services that again most likely …

How to pass an interview at Wix

Alex Reznick  |  October 7th 2012  |  Java
During the last couple of months I’ve interviewed a quite a few people for Senior Developer/architect positions here at Wix (Java). A complete surprise to me and my colleagues was …

Using Scala Pattern Matching for a URL dispatching mechanism

Shai Yallin  |  July 25th 2012  |  Scala
At, we deal quite a lot with URL dispatching, being a company that handles editing, hosting and serving user-generated websites. Naturally, our codebase deals with various URL patterns and …

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