Chef Happens – Managing Solaris with Chef

Martha Greenberg  |  July 22nd 2012  |  System
Adding Solaris servers to be managed by Chef was the most annoying entry in our DevOps backlog for almost a year. We moved our MySQL databases to Solaris more …

First TDD Israel meetup

Shai Yallin  |  July 10th 2012  |  JavaScript
Tomorrow Wix will be hosting the first TDD Israel meetup on the infamous Wix Roof. The event will sport talks dealing with our pragmatic approach to TDD, using Hamcrest Matchers …

The Lambda Experiment

Yoav Abrahami  |  July 3rd 2012  |  Java
I’ve recently started coding in Scala (recently being over a year ago). While I dislike Scala companion religion ‘everything  functional’, I do like some of the language features that Scala …

‘Leap Second’ Bug Fixed

Aviran Mordo  |  July 1st 2012  |  Java
On Saturday, at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, as June turned into July, the Earth’s official time keepers held their clocks back by a single second in order to keep them …

Maven 2 on OS X Snow Leopard killed by latest update

Shai Yallin  |  June 18th 2012  |  System
So apparently, the latest Java update to OS X Snow Leopard broke Maven 2 support. It did so in a rather nasty way; For over a year now I’m used …

Applying Javascript thinking to AS3 – Anonymous functions  |  May 17th 2012  |  ActionScript
When Wix started developing the HTML editor, many of the people whose full time job was AS3 development suddenly had to start developing in Javascript as well. We all dabbled …

Git: Committing vs Pushing vs Stashing – OR: “what to do if I just want to work locally”

Shai Yallin  |  May 16th 2012  |  VCS
Many people ask me for advice when they’re trying to modify some code locally without the changes finding their way into the remote repository or – gods forbid – the …

Chris Shiflett ▪ JavaScript Study Guide  |  May 13th 2012  |  JavaScript
A few months ago, I wrote about learning JavaScript. I’m already pretty comfortable with the language, and although I did break the chain, I’m happy to report that I’m still …

Front-end Unit Testing with JavaScript  |  May 13th 2012  |  JavaScript
Unit testing can make your code less prone to bugs and gives you piece of mind that everything is working the way it should. Normally when I speak to other …

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